The top performance of the confections and constructions using metal structures leads to the greatest saving of materials and workforce, facilitating the labour as well as increasing the efficiency of time needed to assemble the metal structures.

Due to the advantages they offer, the metal elements may be used in making the most various metal structures. Our company brings forward the usage of metal works wherever there are particular requests regarding the value of filling, durability as well as the difficulty adjustment of the projects.




Corrugated sheets enveloping and coffering

It is being used in industrial buildings – industrial engineering - wall coffering in residential engineering – corporate office – banks – institutions, etc.



IMG 0009Anti-corrosion Coatings - surface preparation, sand blasting and industrial dyeing in constructions and technical equipments with particular materials resistive in areas with high risk of corrosion.






Metal building engineering

Metal buildings – made on metal structures or euro-profiles with corrugated sheets or sandwich panels enveloping.

Using the particular steel and the diversity of the profiles guarantee the needed stability and carrying capacity.

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