Industrial thermal insulation
The execution of industial thermal insulation aims to meet the technical-economical parameters for various types of machines, tubing and equipments, in accordance with the requirements in the tender book for various customers.
These works assume mainly the taking down of the old thermal insulation and the execution of a new one using the following materials:
• rockwool cushions produced on site or ready-made sustained by steel wire braid, standing on the volumetric analysis, the density and the mode of execution issued by the effective technical standards.
• the support of the tubing thermal insulation is made with anti-slip and anti-pressing cups, and the support of the machine thermal insulation is made with black wire stitches.
• laying the aluminium foil over the insulation of the equipments with temperatures of the heat carrier of over 400 Celsius degrees, with reflective, anti-condensing function shielding against dust and water.
• laying the zinc-coated sheet, fixing the sheet metal to protect the thermal insulation against dust, water or other harmful elements. The advantages of the industrial thermal insulations are:
• preserving the temperature of the heat carrier or the water and protection against freezing in winter.
• protection against any external factors.

The main users of this type of executions are: the steam power plants (thermal insulation of boilers, electric filters, tubing and various types of equipments), the bottling stations for various types of gas, residential heating stations, etc.
Residential thermal insulation – thermal insulation of the platforms covering the terraces and walls with various types of rockwool like: felt, circulating or non-circulating plates.

Industrial and residential waterproof insulation
• execution of thermal insulation and waterproofing on platforms in industrial buildings and supermarkets with bituminous wool and membrane.
• execution of draining and waterproofing on the infrastructure of any type of building with various types of materials: membrane, mastic, traps, etc
• execution of waterproof insulation on any type of terrace
• execution and installation of pluvial systems on any type of structures

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